October 2017 Deathmatch "FAKE NEWS"



Well, King of Crows V is over.

But the October 2017 Deathmatch is approaching and it looks to be pretty competitive since there are only three more slots left for KOC VI.

Our host with the most is the corpse of Thomas Jefferson and his theme is Does Love Make You Blind Or Just Dumber?

Ahahahahahahahaha! FAKE NEWS!

Fake News is the theme and in our reality based world, your host is Victoria Stubbs.

Three more chances to get your ten minute miracle into KOC VI. 

Deathmatch Winners - May 2017 - "INNOCENT"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What a night.

Host Victoria “Nikki” Stubbs's theme of “Innocent" struck a deep chord in the playwrights. The playwrights wove wonderful stories around it and the actors, as ever, embraced those words fully, interpreted them and made them their own.

The Deathmatch ended on a perfect note with a first time winner for Best Play and the Best Actor award going to a charming visitor who was just passing through.

15 plays were presented to be read.

May 10, 2017 Deathmatch - "INNOCENT"

O...how lucky are you?

Pretty lucky we'd say. The May Deathmatch is on the SECOND Wednesday this month, buying you an extra week to craft us a 10 minute classic. Seven extra days. What a gift. And it's probably not even your birthday.

Maybe it is. If so, happy birthday!

The theme is Innocent. And whatever that means to you is fine by us. Get busy writing, beat back your high end crazy competitors and come claim the prize.

Deathmatch Winners - April 2017 "PLEASE"

Wednesday, Apr 5, 2017

The Crows came home to the Nest burdened with 10 minute plays. Everyone came ready to rumble to address Khalil LeSaldo's theme of "Please". A near capacity audience was ready to experience them.

A couple’s relationship slowly dissolving from ennui right before your eyes. Spores and microbes having a dance party when a special visitor arrives. Unexpected racial conflict develops among people waiting at a bus stop.

The actors, as ever, rose to the challenge with some powerful, hilarious and wildly imaginative performances.

It was a good night to be in the mix.

14 plays were presented to be read:

April 5, 2017 Deathmatch - "PLEASE"

Congratulations on your successful survival of the Snowpocalypse!

Did you find yourself shouting to the heavens? Were you cursing the Gods for their precipitous wrath, or thanking them for a restful snow day? Either way, it’s very likely this magic word came across your lips:


It’s the word a mother demands of her child before a third helping of dessert. It’s the state an emperor needs to be in to give you the thumbs up and let you fight another battle. It can be so many things, and rather than define it too narrowly, we want you to go nuts!

Deathmatch Winners - March 2017 "SEX"

Wednesday, Mar 1, 2017

It was, in the end, one of those astonishing nights where everything was magical. The plays and performances were absolutely terrific, and a large and raucous crowd enjoyed the whole evening from tip to toe.

It was also a very strong evening for the female cohort. The three Best Actor nominees were women and and the Best Play was written by an artist known mostly for her acting and directing who had just crafted her first play.

So yeah…magical:)

The theme was Sex and 15 plays were presented to be read: