December 7, 2016 Deathmatch - "NO"

It is the most powerful word in the world. Some surround it with explanations and apologies and some just say it short, clear and crisp.

That word is No. And it is the theme for the December 2016 Deathmatch

Time to get serious and start the writing. Bang out a ten minute play and come get in the game. Amuse, mystify, or confuse your fellow groundlings and you just might win.

What might I win, you wonder? A lovely yet seriously down market gift bag full of dubious treasures. One dollar pregnancy tests anyone?

November 2, 2016 Deathmatch - "FEAR"

Deathmatch Winners - October 2016 "POWER"

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016

October is usually a difficult month to play a show in Portland. In our theatre rich community everyone is either rehearsing, opening a show, or getting ready to open a show this time of the year.

That didn’t seem to affect last night’s Deathmatch at all. A large crowd responded to host Charlie Cole’s theme of “Power” with lots of new scripts and some terrific acting performances.

18 scripts were submitted to be read:

King of Crows IV: THE CAST

Ladies and gentleman, The cast of Crowbait Club's King of Crows IV: All Hail the King!

Joe Quinn
Paul Menezes 
Kerry Rasor 
Andrea Carr
Danny Gay 
Khalil LeSaldo
Jackie Oliveri 
Ashely Thibodeau
Caroline Smart 
Chalmers Hardenbergh 
Sean Senior
David Vincent 
Shelly Elmer 
Kat Loef
Rachel Friedman
Cory King
Kara Haupt
Beth Chasse
Adam Ferguson
Josh Brassard
Meredythe Dehne Lindsay

Deathmatch Winners - August 2016 "SACRIFICE"

Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016

It was a blazing hot evening. And not just the temperature in the room but the stage itself sizzled with comedy and drama as the playwrights tackled host Elizabeth Chasse-King’s theme “Sacrifice” in front of a full house. Each take was unique, from a haunted house story to a tale of ruthless class warfare, CBC playwrights swung for the fences and the actors made their visions come alive.

17 plays were presented to be read:

King of Crows IV: THE PLAYS

We are very pleased to present the ten short plays that will be featured at King of Crows IV: All Hail the King!

Click on any play title below to preview the plays.

A Blond Shock by Howard Rosenfield

A Lovely Day for a Revolution by Doni Tamblyn and Leann Lewis

Class of '95 by Victoria Machado

Don't Miss Nothin', Bub by Cullen McGough

Love Somebody by Jody McColman

No One Named Johanna by Michael Kimball

The Interview by David Body

The King Comes Here Tonight by Michael Tooher

The Thing About American Girls by Cory King

Thunder by Charlie Cole

Deathmatch Winners - July 2016 "MAGIC"

Wednesday, Jul 6, 2016

Check out all the Deathmatch photos here.

The steamy early evening did nothing to prevent a sellout crowd of familiar and new crows from descending upon Mayo Street Arts for the July 2016 Deathmatch. Our hostess with the mostest was Victoria “Busy” Stubbs who not only hosted the show but played the piano for singalongs during changeovers. How does she do that for 3 hours?

Her chosen theme was Magic and a record 23 scripts (!) were presented for reading:

PortFringe 16 - Attempted Murders: Four Plays From The Crowbait Club

It is on! Attempted Murders: Four Plays from Crowbait Club.

And the crazy factor is high. We've got private jets and cats casting themselves in shows. We've got Lucifer, Death and the Angel Gabriel and we've got all of the Sisters Kardashian. And cake. Not for you, but in a play.

So basically it's the usual. It's a mix of raucous comedy, heartbreaking drama and vicious existential satire. All in 45 minutes. All world premiere works by the artists who live next door to you.

You got three chances to see it then we got to go. Thursday 6/23 @ 11:15 p.m., Friday 6/24 & Saturday 6/25 @ 9:30 p.m. all on the Main Stage at Portland Stage Company.

The Crowbait Club is proud to be a part of PortFringe 16.