February 1, 2017 Deathmatch - "BROKEN PROMISES"

Love, love, love.

Valentine's Day is in February, that time of chocolate and cards and hopefully kisses. Well... host with the most Charlie Cole ain't having any of it. He's decided to explore the dark side of love and human behavior with his chosen theme "Broken Promises."

There's plenty of room to move with this one, playwrights. So get yourself to the keyboard and get cracking.You know the thespians will be bringing their A game. Go light or go dark but get busy with it.

Deathmatch Winners - January 2017 "DISSONANCE"

Wednesday, Jan 4, 2017

A job interview gets uncomfortably personal and increasingly bizarre. A couple struggles to communicate. A play explores rhythm and rhyme while ignoring meaning. The French Revolution takes a hilarious turn as radical ideals clash with the desire to possess a pot of delicious fish stew.

These are merely a few of the 10 minute plays a near capacity crowd enjoyed as they braved the January winds and chill to open the New Year at the January Deathmatch. The theme was Dissonance and the host with Victoria Stubbs.

16 plays were presented to be read:

January 4, 2017 Deathmatch - "DISSONANCE"

dis·so·nance (disənəns)
noun: dissonance; plural noun: dissonances
lack of harmony among musical notes.

"An unusual degree of dissonance for such choral styles"

"A tension or clash resulting from the combination of two disharmonious or unsuitable elements."

"Dissonance between campaign rhetoric and personal behavior"


late Middle English: from Old French, from late Latin dissonantia, from Latin dissonant- ‘not agreeing in sound,’ from the verb dissonare .

Deathmatch Winners - December 2016 "NO"

Wednesday, Dec 7, 2016

Well, 2016 is in the books for CBC. It was a terrific Deathmatch, lots of brand-new playwrights in attendance, and yet another sold out show. As an added bonus, a wildly comic play coming out of nowhere to win "The Brawl for It All" and grab the final slot in King of Crows V.

Considering the events of this dangerous year, the assembled Crows were apparently in agreement that host Jody McColman’s chosen theme of “No” was very appropriate indeed.

A record tying 23 plays were presented to be read:

2017 Maine Playwrights Festival

We are always telling you that plays begin at CBC but do not end there.

Here is a wonderful opportunity. Now in its 17th year, the Maine Playwrights Festival is the original incubator for plays by Maine playwrights. A letter from Artistic Director Dan Burson is below. The Committee encourages everyone to submit their work. But best hurry the deadline is coming up shortly.

Good luck!


Dear Playwright,

December 7, 2016 Deathmatch - "NO"

It is the most powerful word in the world. Some surround it with explanations and apologies and some just say it short, clear and crisp.

That word is No. And it is the theme for the December 2016 Deathmatch

Time to get serious and start the writing. Bang out a ten minute play and come get in the game. Amuse, mystify, or confuse your fellow groundlings and you just might win.

What might I win, you wonder? A lovely yet seriously down market gift bag full of dubious treasures. One dollar pregnancy tests anyone?

Deathmatch Winners - October 2016 "POWER"

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2016

October is usually a difficult month to play a show in Portland. In our theatre rich community everyone is either rehearsing, opening a show, or getting ready to open a show this time of the year.

That didn’t seem to affect last night’s Deathmatch at all. A large crowd responded to host Charlie Cole’s theme of “Power” with lots of new scripts and some terrific acting performances.

18 scripts were submitted to be read: